Introduction      In December 2010, the Center for Numerical Simulation and Prototyping  (C.S.N.P.) came into existence at the "Eftimie Murgu" University of Re?i?a, financed  by European Union with € 169.563, through the "Romania  - Republic of Serbia IPA  Cross-border Cooperation Programme", with a total budget of € 199.486.      The project's partners are "EFTIMIE MURGU" UNIVERSITY OF RE?I?A - ROMANIA and TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES IN ZRENJANIN -SERBIA.      The project offers the possibility to create a center based on new technologies,  to achieve the necessary equipments (3D Printer, 3D Scanner & CNC Machine) and to  apply these technologies in the engineering student's education. From this point of  view, the Serbian partner is a logical choice, because of the common issues:  educational statute, similarity of engineering specializations, the necessity to raise  the technical level of education. Taking to account the high prices of the  equipments, the project creates the basis of the actual and future educational  cooperation in using this technology. The centre can be used as a partner for  cooperation with industrial manufacturers in both regions. So, the centre can  become a pole of excellence, accessible on long time to many cross-border partners.       "Eftimie Murgu" University of Re?i?a (UEMR) has more than 37 years of experience in public higher education and research. UEMR is a public institution, depending on  public funding, but its own resources, generated by research projects and by the  transfer of results to the companies, have increased the general budget. UEMR  offers degrees and diplomas at every university level: bachelor's degree, masters  and doctoral studies, open distance training and also a diversified offer of training,  retraining and postgraduate courses. UEMR includes 2 faculties: Faculty of  Engineering and Faculty of Economics and Administration, has 115 university  teaching staff and nearly 5000 students. Research activity in UEMR is developed in  the university's research excellence centers: 7 centers in engineering and 6 centers  in economics and social science.       The Technical College of Applied Sciences in Zrenjanin (TCASZ) is a higher  education institution whose mission is to achieve high quality education,  development of scientific disciplines and transfer of acquired knowledge and skills  to companies and society in general. The experience and volume of the education  activity of the Technical College may be appreciated by taking into account the  great number - 7.000 - of engineers who have graduated from it during the 49 years  of activity. The Technical College of Applied Sciences has developed study programs  which educate students for the present and future technical and technological  systems and social and economic systems.  
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Project: CENTER FOR NUMERICAL SIMULATION AND DIGITAL/RAPID PROTOTYPING Reference: Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA CBC Programme, Priority Axis 3, Measure 3.3 Contract No: MIS-ETC Code 440 nr. 85802/10.12.2010 Lead Partner: "Eftimie Murgu" University Resita - Romania Partner: Technical College of Applied Sciences in Zrenjanin - Republic of Serbia